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About Us

Nielsen BookData runs the ISBN Agency for the UK and Ireland, provides a range of information and enriched data services for publishers, booksellers and libraries and works with the industry to improve the quality of data, which in turn improves discoverability of your book, leading to increased sales. We also provide a range of commerce services that connect book publishers with their trading partners (booksellers, wholesalers, libraries etc.) increasing efficiency, reducing costs and improving customer service. Our retail sales analysis service helps you understand the market, see what sales you have achieved and if you wish those of your competitors. Our portfolio of products enables you to use our data services as a shop-window, displaying your book information to thousands of book buyers worldwide and ultimately to millions of consumers. For more information about Nielsen BookData visit: our website

Our mission is "To connect and advance the global book industry, driving our clients' success through world class information and intelligence".

ISBN Agency for UK and Ireland

The ISBN Agency is the national agency for the UK and Republic of Ireland and British Overseas Territories. Publishers based elsewhere will not be able to get numbers from the UK Agency (even if you are a British Citizen) but can contact the Nielsen ISBN Agency for details of the relevant national Agency.

ISBNs are assigned to publishers in the country where the publisher's main office is based. This is irrespective of the language of the publication or the intended market for the book.

If you have queries that are not answered here, there is more information about ISBNs on the UK and Ireland ISBN Agency’s website: view website

ISBN User Manual

The ISBN Users’ Manual contains useful information about ISBNs and their use. The most current version of the Manual is on International ISBN Agency’s website: view manual


Nielsen BookData is wholly owned by NielsenIQ, for more information visit: www.nielseniq.com

Important Information for Publishers and self-published authors

The Nielsen ISBN Agency for UK & Ireland is here to help and support you in the process of purchasing and allocating your ISBNs to your books. You can either use the Nielsen ISBN store to purchase your publisher prefix and range of ISBN(s) or contact us direct for an application form and guidance to ensure the process of acquiring your publisher prefix and first batch of ISBN(s) is as smooth as possible.