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Nielsen Book Research provides market measurement of print book sales worldwide and explores the attitudes and motivations of book purchasing consumers in the UK. As well as ongoing monthly data collection from consumers on book purchases, Nielsen commissions one-off studies (‘Deep Dives’) to allow us to investigate in greater depth the attitudes and behaviours of consumers in discrete market segments.

Previous Deep Dive projects have covered:

  • Children’s book buyers
  • Audiobook consumers
  • Travel guide users
  • E-book consumers
  • Cookbook consumers
  • Student’s information sources
These studies generally have a starting sample size of approximately 2,000 consumers allowing a robust investigation of the sub-categories within the sample. The starting samples are wider than the number of book buyers to allow us to place the reading and purchasing of books in a wider context. For example, the Understanding the Children’s and Young Adult Book consumer study begins with a sample of children and parents and the book readers/purchasers among them are a subset. In Understanding the Cookbook Consumer the starting sample was a nationally representative sample of consumers who had used a recipe in the last 12 months to understand how cookbook use compares to accessing recipes from newspapers, apps etc.

Our latest reports are available to purchase below and download as PDFs.

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Nielsen Book Research Annual review

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Understanding the Children’s and Young Adult Book consumer 2017

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Understanding the Audiobook consumer 2017

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Understanding the Children’s and Young Adult Book consumer 2016

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Understanding the Audiobook consumer 2016

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Should you have any questions about these reports or future topics planned please email: infobookresearch@nielsen.com

Understanding the Children’s and Young Adult Book consumer
This annual research project was launched in 2012 to examine in depth, and over time, the book reading and buying habits of UK children and young adults (YAs) in the context of their wider leisure activities. The research was undertaken using online interviews with a sample nationally representative by social grade, region and age of child/YA, with over 14s answering for themselves.

In total a starting sample of 3,000 was achieved with 1,000 of those covering 18-25s. This report also includes a segmentation of the children's consumer to increase understanding of the results for different groups of consumer type. For details of the 2017 sample split please contact us. 

Understanding the Audiobook consumer 
This study examines audiobook use/attitudes among UK listeners and buyers. Online interviews were completed by 2,000 UK adults (aged 18-84). The report details the demographics of those that listen or buy audiobooks as well as in what format. The frequency of listening is explored as well as on what device. The motivations behind listening and the genres preferred are detailed as well as methods of discovery and price expectations.

Nielsen Book Research Annual Review
This report contains a brief overview of the international book market performance followed by a detailed review of the UK book market in 2017. Topics covered include the bestsellers, trends and buyer demographics driving the performance of print, ebook and audiobook sales through UK shops.

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